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Do's and Don'ts of studying during dead week

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The library is open 24/7 during dead week and finals week.

With finals occurring next week, are some helpful do's and don'ts of studying during dead week.

Do study.

This should be a given as exams are usually stressful throughout the semester.

One major statistic is that students tend to do better on exams early during finals week rather than later.

Make sure you continue to study until your final test of the semester.

For some, this is the first time they have studied throughout the semester and that may be a scary sight, according to a University of Virginia study. In this study, co-authors Robert H. Tai and Xitao Fan found that time spent on homework and the final grade in the class have no substantive difference.

On the other hand, spending more time on homework has a positive association with standardized tests. Continue to study and finish the semester on a high note.

Do have fun.

Anxiety is a real problem in college as an estimated 41.6 percent of students suffer from it.

Finals week is a stressful time as mentioned before so don’t be worried about being stressed, it’s normal. Dead week should be a time to relax a little.

Time is not as hard to find during dead week as classes are not always mandatory and there’s usually not as many homework assignments.

Some ways to get rid of anxiety include going for a walk, watching a funny video and listening to a song called “Weightless” by Marconi Union. This song has been studied by Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson and resulted in a 65 percent reduction of listeners overall anxiety. The music video for this is also relaxing and mesmerizing.

Remember that final are not the end of the world and having fun in college is a big reason for pursuing a higher education.

Don’t forget about final assignments.

Some professors have final assignments that are given at the beginning of the semester and aren’t due until the end.

Many students tend to wait last minute to do it. If you are in one of these classes do not forget to turn in these assignments as it can drop you a full letter grade.

These assignments are not meant to be hard and are more for a grade.

Don’t forget the necessary materials for exams.

There’s nothing worse than panicking right before a test because you forgot to pick up a scantron or blue book.

Sometimes, other students have an extra that they allow you to use which is helpful, but for the unlucky ones, running to the nearest on-campus store isn’t too fun.

Mechanical pencils and pens have taken over pencil sharpers and wood pencils, so don’t forget to have extra lead or ink. Especially if you have to write an essay for your final.

Finals happen at all times of the day and if yours happens to be early in the morning, coffee is a necessity. Allow yourself enough time to wake up and get your favorite coffee from your favorite place so you aren’t rushed.