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Column: Just stop

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Students in the crowded union

Stillwater is in a State of Emergency.

Stop acting like you care about my health and safety when you don’t even ask me how I feel.

Stop pretending to care about my freedom and happiness when you only care about public appearances.

Stop telling me the only way I can have my life back is if I comply with your mentally harmful demands.

Stop treating me like a burden while I give you every dollar I have just to try and make something out of my life.

Stop saying things will get better and not sticking to your word.

Stop calling us family and then turning your back on me when I don’t do what you want.

Stop promising me the moon and then taking away my college experience.

Stop pressuring me into loneliness and then telling me you care about my mental health.

Stop guilt tripping me into being compliant. 

Stop trying to control things that are none of your business.

Stop shaming me for making my own choices.

Stop keeping me in the dark about my own future.

Stop making me feel like the physical health of the entire student body rests on my shoulders.

Please, OSU.

Just stop.