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A letter from the Editor

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im tired and old!

Kayla Dunn served as The O'Colly Editor in Chief during the Spring 2020 semester and has been part of The O'Colly since 2018.

About five months ago, I came into my current role as The O’Colly Editor in Chief.

With an incredible team of section editors, advisers and writers, we broke news, entertainment and sports stories — from reporting on SGA violations, to wrestling winning the Big 12 for the eighth-straight time, to covering what black excellence looks like on campus.

But, as you know, the largest story of the semester is COVID-19. And aside from any advice I could offer to upcoming journalists or OSU students, I’d like to point out a glaring fact.

There is a war being waged on news in the United States. Regardless of which side of the aisle you find yourself on, complete societal distrust of all media is a dangerous weapon.

I’ve spent the past four years studying journalism, and every day I am reminded to write from an honest, unbiased perspective. Although the news industry has its flaws, at its foundation, it is built upon playing the watchdog role for the average person and reporting on facts. Without news, citizens could never hear about what members of America’s upper echelons are doing.

And what’s the best way to keep pesky public opinion out of the business of politician’s and CEOs? To call it all fake. 

Although it’s fair to not trust everything you see online, it’s more important to do your research. Read the same news story from different platforms. Research which CEOs own which groups and how that could sway the narrative. Find platforms and people you trust.

America needs news, and I believe it to be a cornerstone of a fair democracy. 

As the semester comes to a close, so does my time as The O’Colly EIC and as a journalism student at OSU. I love this community of people dearly, and to everyone at The O’Colly, thank you. We made it through late nights in the news room, Ray’s critiques, and the transition to creating a paper through Zoom. Thank you to everyone who trained and grew me, and I wish the best to those taking the reins.

I'll end with an iconic quote from the spring 2020 semester because it encompasses all that I cannot put into words right now:

"There was much unexpected." And there truly was.