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Not Just Your Grandma's Kitchen

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A home style cooking restaurant born in Stillwater in the 1940s, Granny’s Kitchen reopened its doors to residents and tourists 10 months ago.

After working in the restaurant business with his family for many years, Granny’s Kitchen owner Mohammad Mahmoud decided to open a restaurant on his own. His wife gave him the idea to ask his family’s permission to reopen a restaurant it owned previously.

“We use the same logo and recipes as the old restaurant and it’s in the same location as a long time ago,” Mahmoud said. “The kitchen is still the same size and in the same area as before.”

The restaurant’s dining areas are filled with reminders of Stillwater’s past appearance. According to Mahmoud, some of the pictures hanging around the restaurant are 115 years old.

“I like when customers come in and see the pictures in the store because each picture has a story,” Mahmoud said. “There’s even one that was taken in 1917 at Main and Tenth streets when a big circus came to Stillwater.”

In addition to the antique pictures hanging in the dining areas, the staff helps contribute to Granny’s Kitchen’s friendly and old-timey atmosphere.

Twana Brown, a waitress at Granny’s Kitchen, said her she’s enjoyed the seven months she’s worked at the restaurant.

“I love working here because [Mahmoud] mingles and interacts with us and the customers,” Brown said. “It’s a very friendly environment.”

An average of 2,000 customers a week visit the restaurant to experience its home cooked style meals, Mahmoud said.

Granny’s Kitchen features both breakfast and lunch menus including both new recipes and recipes from the original restaurant. Recipes from the original Granny’s Kitchen are marked on the menu with cowboy hats.

“My favorite item on our menu is the cinnamon roll because it’s been made the same way since 1945,” Mahmoud said. “We added cinnamon roll French toast to the menu because I like French toast and I love our cinnamon roll so I decided to mix them both together.”

According to Mahmoud, Granny’s Kitchen is the only restaurant in Stillwater that uses a 91-9 system, which means the meat used is 91 percent lean and 9 percent fat.

“We get [our meat] three times a week from Ralph’s,” Mahmoud said. “It’s our policy that our meat doesn’t go to the freezer.”

Granny’s Kitchen is located at 1006 South Main Street. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch 6 a.m.- 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m.- 3p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The entire menu can be found on