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What's the game plan? OSU announces shift to "virtual campus" due to inclement weather

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thin ice theta pond

Students are urged to stay off of Theta Pond as some areas of the ice may be thin and dangerous to walk or skate on.

A recent email from OSU messaging services has confirmed that classes will be held virtually on Monday. “Due to extreme winter weather conditions, Oklahoma State University's Stillwater campus is moving to a virtual campus for Monday, Feb. 15 and Tuesday, Feb. 16.” said the email. It was also expressed that continued online class delivery is a strong possibility.

It has also been confirmed that the campus will be closed, and faculty services will be distributed virtually. On-campus convenient stores and restaurants are expected to have limited hours and reduced operation time.

Oklahoma State students have reported professors already either canceling or moving classes online. Whether to hold classes or not during this expectedly record-breaking snow is up to the individual professors. 

The past year has given Oklahoma State the ability to be a step ahead of bad weather, as they are able to almost seamlessly transfer to the online deliverance of many courses. “The flexibility of a virtual campus model will be the OSU standard protocol going forward for all inclement weather days,” said the newsletter.

Students are encouraged to be diligent about checking their email, both school email and canvas email, to be updated on individual class plans. Professors are urged to be communicative and responsive to students as classes are moved or canceled. If you are unable to join a zoom class or attend a virtual lecture due to a power outage or inadequate internet connection, do your best to communicate this to your professors.

The university has offered many tips for weathering this weather such as ensuring that your gas tank is as full as possible when driving, making sure to drink warm beverages, making sure all areas of skin are covered if you must go outside and downloading the Rave Guardian app in case you are in need of help.