What to do under Stillwater's shelter in place order

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The City of Stillwater issued a Shelter in Place order Monday that will be in effect until April 16. Additionally, it has restricted public access to the Stillwater Municipal Building and closed all park equipment.

On Monday, the City of Stillwater issued a Shelter in Place order that will go into effect at 11:59 p.m. until April 16. The city has also restricted public access to the Stillwater Municipal building and closed park equipment.

For many who have already been exercising proper social distancing protocols, this order won’t add many new restrictions, but for those who haven’t, the order is more restrictive than past emergency proclamations. Here’s what you can and can’t do under Shelter in Place.

What you can do

Shop at essential businesses

This includes grocery shopping, picking up medicine, getting gas and going to take out or drive thru restaurants. You can still shop for essential goods and services as long as you practice proper social distancing protocols, like staying 6 feet away from others in grocery stores.

Exercise outdoors

People can go for runs, walks and bike rides outdoors, including on public sidewalks and trails, as long as they exercise proper caution. You can even go fishing.

Go to work and volunteer

People who work at essential businesses can still go to work, and even people who work at closed nonessential businesses are allowed on site to perform basic tasks like maintenance. People are also allowed to volunteer at disaster response activities, such as food banks.

What you can’t do

Go to a friend’s house to hang out

Unless you’re leaving the house for one of the activities mentioned above, stay home. However, leaving to go check on someone in need is allowed.

Use playgrounds or outdoor gym equipment

Although you can still exercise outdoors, you can’t use playground equipment like swings or basketball courts.