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Virtual class: OSU Student Action Advocates

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OSU Student Action Advocates are encouraging students to attend classes online and faculty hold virtual courses next Monday and Tuesday, but some students do not know if they will attend virtual classes.

According to a statement, the organization formed the student-led effort to advocate for certain COVID-19 protocols from the university. The organization released a list of demands including increased flexibility in accommodations for classes, labs and a return to spring 2021 social distancing and mandatory quarantines after exposure.

Leigh Welch, a senior sociology and political science major, is part of the Student Action Advocates and she said part of the student organization for many reasons.

“I think first and foremost, I think the reason why, that motivated me.. is related to my best friend who is actually immunocompromised,” Welch said.

Welch will be attending class virtually. Having seen her friend deal with sickness in the past, Welch said it made her fearful of it for her friend and cautious of the at-risk people around her.

Although some students know about it, some students have not heard of it and have not had time to develop an opinion. 

Amealya Jackson, a senior pre-veterinary major, said it's up in the air if she will attend in-person classes Monday and Tuesday.

“Honestly, I just found out just like a few minutes ago,” Jackson said. “I didn’t get anything about it, I wasn’t even aware about it.”