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These gems on OSU's campus make for great study spots

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Student Union Study

Bennett Hall: The hidden maze beneath Bennett Hall is known as a great place for residents to study, play the piano or even spend late nights in the 24-hour computer lab. Although Bennett Hall is one of the biggest, newest halls on campus, its residents forget about the hidden place beneath them. 

Classroom Building: It’s known as the building that every student will eventually have a class in during their time at OSU. Students forget about the fourth-floor computer lab that is almost always empty if there is not a class. It could save you some time from waiting in line at the library or the Student Union to print on the fourth floor of CLB.

Human Sciences: The second floor in the college of Human Sciences can be a great evening getaway to study or to even grab a bite to eat at West Side Cafe.  Some students forget this area is open to students outside of hotel and restaurant administration.

Student Union: The Student Union's highly populated areas such as dining and the bookstore leaves a lot of space on the fourth floor. The fourth floor has couches and seating areas where some students nap or study. There are also computers available on the fourth floor.

Edmon Low Library: Although scary at times, the basement of Edmon Low Library is a quiet peaceful place to study.