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Oklahoma State Greek life offers students opportunities in fall

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Watermelon Bust

A Greek member participates in the Watermelon Bust philanthropy on Sept. 4.

The opportunities and activities for new Greek Life students are only beginning. 

The rest of the semester may not be able to match the sheer excitement and bliss of bid day but there are a number of fun and important events that students should be aware of.

Coke date crazy: Almost immediately the long standing tradition of Coke dates, where members of a sorority and fraternity pledge class are paired off at random, will continue to attempt to help new students expand their social circles. To prepare, guys pick up a “Barn Card” so all those frequent trips pay off and, if necessary, think of a few questions in advance to help keep conversation moving if it stalls. Nothing is worse than awkward silence with a complete stranger.

Don’t put away those resumes yet:  Greek organizations look great on a resume, but even in the first semester of freshman year there are plenty of chances to get ahead of the curve. Applications for Freshman Representative Council, Junior Greek Life and others will soon be available. These organizations are a great way to meet other aspiring leaders at OSU and typically serve as feeders to their bigger cousins: Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and Student Government Association.

Put on your dancing shoes: Freshman Follies is a competition where participants write, choreograph and perform 10-minute mini musicals. Fraternity and sorority pairings often hold tryouts for Follies in the first few weeks of school, and it can be frightening for those who never engaged in the performing arts in high school. However, after going through the experience, many discover talents and passions they never knew they had.

Pomp till you drop: Although the aforementioned items are largely optional, one major obligation for many in Greek Life is their participation in the enormous annual homecoming celebration and competition. Usually, chapters require a set number of hours per week dedicated to gluing little pieces of tissue paper to chicken wire.  Some students dread the monotonous activity, but by spacing hours throughout the week and not procrastinating until Sunday, the impact of those hours can be minimized.

Find your philanthropy: The greatest legacy of fraternity and sororities is their commitment to giving back to the OSU and Stillwater Community, and these efforts encompass an enormous array of charities and service organizations. The key for students is finding one that aligns with their concerns or interests to get as much enjoyment out of the act as the recipients do the service.