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Three questions with Carla Peaden

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Carla Peaden has been cutting hair for decades.

From actors to students, Carla Peaden cuts people's hair in the OSU Student Union. 

Peaden has worked at The Silver Clippers since 1978 and became its owner in 1984. 

Q: Have you cut any famous people’s hair before?

A: I did Anson Williams, he was Potsie on Happy Days. He was here filming a movie and it had Josie Bissett, it had Christopher Walken, so yes. And I did Tim DuBois, he’s an OSU graduate and a music producer.

Q: How many heads of hair do you cut a week?

A: Well that’s questionable because with the pandemic, it did kind of curtail business and stuff like that... I don’t try and push myself anymore because of my age. But I can do 10, 15 a day - up to 20. When we had the pandemic going on it was a whole different ball game.

Q: What is one of your best memories you have in this shop?

A: It’s just meeting all the new people and where they come from and everything. Like, international kids.