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There’s a new Sheriff in town

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Joe Harper supporters set up signs and banners on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Perkins Road on August 25, 2020 in Stillwater Oklahoma.

Incumbent Sheriff Kevin Woodward was defeated by challenger Joe Harper in the Aug. 25 runoff election, and will be the next Payne County Sheriff.

The Payne County Sheriff’s race was just one of many runoff elections held across the state, but was the only election open to the registered voters of Stillwater.

Since there were no Democratic challengers for the Sheriff’s position, Harper’s win in the runoff will earn him the seat, without having to go to a general election.

Woodward went into Tuesday night with a slight lead on Harper from mail-in and early voting, according to unofficial election results published by the Oklahoma State Election Board. Despite this initial setback, voters who cast their ballots in-person on election day went decisively for Harper, with 1,828 votes to Woodward’s 1,334.

The preliminary numbers released by the election board have Harper winning with a total of 2,121 votes to Woodward’s 1,664. These numbers will not be official until they are finalized by the State Election Board.