"The second wave is here, and it's spreading faster than the first": Stillwater's COVID-19 cases are rising fast

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Stillwater has 25 new cases of COVID-19

Stillwater reached a grim milestone on Friday as 12 new active COVID-19 cases have been added to the city's data-- the largest single-day rise since the outbreak first reached Stillwater in March. 

This brings the city's total active cases to 25. 

"This week alone, Stillwater has more new COVID cases than we had in March, April and May, combined," Stillwater mayor Will Joyce said in a tweet. "The second wave is here, and it's spreading faster than the first."

Joyce also noted that most of these new cases share a certain demographic: young and back in town.

"This is very concerning, and clearly a factor of more residents back in Stillwater and more personal interaction among residents," Joyce said. "Many, if not most, of these new cases are among young adults in our community."

The outbreak has not caused a rise in hospitalizations yet, there is still a level of concern from city officials.

"While this new outbreak has not resulted in substantial hospitalizations, I am worried that it is just a matter of time before these cases reach our more vulnerable populations," Joyce said.

Because of this concern, Joyce is calling an emergency task force meeting on Friday to discuss the city's plan going forward.

This recent outbreak hits close to home for Joyce, who's a lifelong Stillwater resident, so he left a message to citizens on Twitter.

"Wear a mask in public," Joyce said. "Avoid crowded areas. Wash your hands frequently. Keep your distance from other people. Love your neighbor. Stop the spread."