Thanksgiving Break to last a full week next year, no Fall Break

Fall into Fall (copy)

Oklahoma State students will have no Fall Break next year, but they will have a full week for Thanksgiving Break.

There are a few disappointments Oklahoma State students experience in the fall: overcrowded parking lots, the inconsistency of Cowboy football and the odd Fall Break/Thanksgiving Break schedule.

One of these letdowns is about to be fixed.

In April 2018, OSU’s Student Government Association voted to eliminate Fall Break and make Thanksgiving Break a whole week.

“It was intended to go into effect this school year, but with administrative things and whatnot, it will start next year,” said Kristen Ball, SGA’s vice president.

The bill addresses issues with the Fall Break/Thanksgiving Break schedule and encompasses the thoughts many students have about it.

“Students traveling home for Thanksgiving must either miss classes on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving or drive through the night to reach their destinations,” the bill states. “Many professors cancel classes on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving due to a history of high rates of absentia on that day.”

The bill also states what other Big 12 schools do for their Fall Break/Thanksgiving schedules.

Iowa State University, Kansas State University and West Virginia University give their students a week for Thanksgiving Break.

Other universities such as Texas Christian University and the University of Kansas are similar to OSU, giving their students Wednesday of Thanksgiving week off and resuming classes the Monday after Thanksgiving. These universities let their students have two to three days off for Fall Break.

The resolution to permanently eliminate Fall Break also states issues with OSU's current system.  

“The current time allotted for ‘Fall Break’ does not provide out-of-state students with adequate time to return home and recover from the stresses of academia,” it reads.

Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas Tech, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas-Austin have no Fall Break.

To Heather Howard, a business management student, OSU's changes “make a lot of sense.”

“Fall break never seemed long enough and didn’t give me enough time to go home,” Howard said. “As an out-of-state student, a full week allows me to enjoy my time at home instead of spending the majority of the time traveling.”