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Students reflect on finals

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This year, the Thanksgiving and fall break are back-to-back. 

It’s that time of the year. Finals week is on the way and students will begin to focus on tests.

This year, the Thanksgiving and fall break are back-to-back. Some Oklahoma State students look forward to taking a rest from classes and campus life to spend time with loved ones during the week-long break. However, the weeks after it, dead week and class finals, can present challenges for students.

Testing anxiety is something some students experience and may have to overcome in order to succeed in their finals.

“I have it bad sometimes. My head goes blank and my hands start to shake,” Torres Sanders, an OSU student said. “Most of the time I have to just remember that I did put in the work and studied. That usually helps me whenever I get overly nervous about testing.”

Anxiety is a condition that can include feelings of dread, restlessness and excessive worry about various situations. Every student takes tests, but some classes are more reliant on tests than others.

“We have to get a C or higher to just stay in this major.” Tanner Pullen, construction major said. 

For Pullen, tests are nerve-wracking because some tests have few questions but the test is a large portion of their grade. So, students must do well.

“Testing anxiety isn’t something I’d say I would diagnose myself with, but they are scary and I understand why someone would have it,” Pullen said.