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Students react to the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden

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OSU students reacted to the election results this past week. 

Joseph R. Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. 

This inauguration follows four years of Donald Trump, who Biden beat this presidential election. Donald Trump won the state of Oklahoma’s vote. Though, this does not necessarily mean that the majority of the state is disappointed in the new president, considering that as of January, 3 months after the election, Trump’s approval rate only rests at 43% (Gallup Polls, January 2021). 

Grace Gunderson, an OSU sophomore and Director of Communications for the OSU Young Democrats club says that she feels America is finally turning a corner.

“I believe that these next few months will be difficult for America, but a necessary step for this country to move forward from the darkest parts of our path.” says Gunderson. 

While the months leading up to today’s inauguration have been filled with lots of election-talk, they have also been filled with many other remarkable sectors of current history. Oklahoma alone has reported over 365,000 coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic started in March (CDC). This played a large factor in this presidential election. Beth Keaney, an OSU sophomore, thinks that Biden’s administration will help fight the pandemic.

“I feel like I can take a sigh of relief knowing that a responsible leader will be in office taking COVID-19 seriously.” says Keaney. 

OSU students are involved in politics from all parties throughout many different organizations and service events. OSU junior Mallory King wanted to do more than just vote in the upcoming election, as she set up tables at peaceful protests helping people register to vote. 

“Seeing the inauguration today made me reflect the power of democracy, of the millions and millions of people who purposefully cast their vote and were able to have their voices heard.” says King.