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Stillwater's recent COVID-19 spike is 11th largest in country relative to population

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Students dressed in Plague Doctor costumes hand out masks to students around campus on August 21, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Stillwater has made national headlines once again because of its current COVID-19 situation.

According to the New York Times, Stillwater has seen 634 new cases in the past two weeks. Based on the city's "metro area population" of 81,784, this is the 11th largest climb of any city in the country. The Stillwater metro area includes some surrounding towns in Payne county.

"The cases are also not just in college students," Stillwater mayor Will Joyce said in a tweet. "Many of the positive cases are among younger adults who are very socially active and are taking few of the recommended precautions against the spread of disease.

"It’s disappointing that so many of our neighbors refuse to take the situation seriously. Yes, many of them will never be seriously ill, but such carelessness has a huge effect on our community."

In a statement obtained from the O'Colly in July, Oklahoma State University officials stated that school switching to online classes "will be determined by the rate of increase of number of infections per day, number of hospitalizations per day, rate of decrease in availability of hospital beds, ICU beds" and "There is NOT a case number threshold that would trigger the switch."

As of Tuesday, the city has 421 active cases of the novel coronavirus, 1,330 total cases, 906 recoveries and three total deaths.