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Stillwater's Holidays 2021

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Visit Stillwater will be hosting an event, Holidays 2021, from Nov. 21 - Jan. 1.

This event is to emphasizes shopping locally to support the Stillwater economy. Holidays 2021 is an all-encompassing brand of events occurring in Stillwater during the holidays. Visit Stillwater has taken a new approach to attract people.

The hashtag #DineSwo, #ShopSWO and other hashtags are being used in in coordination with the City of Stillwater and Visit Stillwater to push residents to shop local and be able to help keep Stillwater growing.

“We wanted to show our customer service instead of having your fingers crossed something will show up in time for the holidays,” said CEO, Cristy Morrison, “People from out of town will be able to say ‘Yeah let’s go to our website’ and see all the businesses.”

Visit Stillwater created a website with details about each event throughout the holidays. The signature event Merry Mainstreet will have vendors take turns showcasing their goods in the returning geodesic domes from the previous year. 

Carriage rides, entertainment and other festivities are planned and are on their website Over 150,000 lights will be hung from 4th Street, beyond the roundabout, until about 14th Street. The lights will eventually be set up to a radio station in sync with the music. 

Holidays 2021 will be packed with 50 to 80 businesses that will have some part to play in the events through the holidays. Any local business can sign up on and participate in this event on their website. Visit Stillwater will continue to update their calendar as businesses roll in closer to the holiday season. Businesses are able to show off what they can do as the holidays begin in to Stillwater.

“It’s as important for us to bring visitors into Stillwater and as equally important for us to be able to communicate with our residents and for them to be able to stay and keep those dollars in Stillwater instead of outside the community, those dollars could go to infrastructure here,” said Nicole Horn, the director of sales for Visit Stillwater.