Stillwater to continue shelter-in-place order despite Stitt's plan


City officials announced Wednesday that Stillwater would stick with their shelter-in-place order until at least April 30, despite Stitt's plan.

Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt wants to reopen the state quickly-- but Stillwater isn't following suit.

Stillwater city manager Norman McNickle released a statement Wednesday explaining the city's plan to continue its shelter-in-place policy until at least April 30.

"Regardless of what Governor Kevin Stitt said at his April 22 press conference, Stillwater will follow its existing Emergency Proclamation, which includes the shelter-in-place order that ends April 30," McNickle said in a statement. "There are ongoing discussions with local officials about reopening businesses and services. Stillwater City Council will discuss the issue at its next meeting April 27. City officials did not receive advanced notification of the Governor’s intentions."

Stillwater mayor Will Joyce had a similar message in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

"Governor Stitt released an outline today of his plan for rolling back the state's social distancing guidelines," Joyce said in a tweet. "I appreciate that he intends to rely on data and take a phased approach based on that data. The charts and figures he used today are not readily available on the state website, and we do not have access to that data for our local area. We continue to work with our local health officials to see whether current local conditions meet the CDC, national and state guidance.

"That being the case, the emergency declarations in place in Stillwater will remain effective through at least April 30. The businesses identified by the Governor as opening this week will remain closed in Stillwater for the time being. We have meetings scheduled this week to talk with local businesses, officials, and other groups to determine the appropriate steps for our community. The City Council will also meet Monday, April 27 to discuss these issues. COVID-19 continues to be a serious public health crisis in our city and our state. It is imperative that we all take all possible precautions to keep it from spreading. Please stay home and keep our community safe."

This statement comes hours after Stitt put a plan in place to have some Oklahoma businesses reopen as soon as April 24. 

According to, Stillwater currently has 22 COVID-19 cases, 0 deaths and 16 recoveries.