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Stillwater Medical Center responds to rise in COVID-19 cases

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Stillwater Medical Center Entrance on August 20, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Stillwater City Council advanced an ordinance to extend the citywide mask mandate to Feb. 28 following significant spikes of Covid-19 cases throughout Stillwater. There are currently over 400 active cases in Stillwater, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Denise Webber, the President and CEO of the Stillwater Medical Center, urged the City Council to extend the mandate to slow the impending unsustainability at SMC due to “alarming increases in Covid-19 admissions.

“We’ve added eight additional covid ICU beds, seven medical covid beds for a 15 bed covid capacity,” she explained. “Today, we are using all of that additional capacity with five additional covid patients holding in our emergency department.”

Webber then illustrated the challenges posed by Covid-19 as opposed to other illnesses.

“In our worst year of the flu, we had 48 flu admissions and three flu deaths” at Stillwater Medical. “In 2020, we’ve seen over 160 covid admissions and nine deaths.”

She warned that current daily admissions will “soon be unsustainable if we do not continue to take the precautions” advised by scientists and public health leaders.