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Stillwater Medical Center declares a Code Green

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Stillwater Medical Center is reporting all of its inpatient units are at or over capacity.

Stillwater Medical Center (SMC) is declaring a Code Green because of critical staffing levels.

Shayla Egger, the center’s director of public relations, said resources are strained and the hospital is experiencing a record number of patients. This is causing the Emergency Department, inpatient units, including the ICU and urgent care locations to be at or over capacity.

Because of the rise in patients the Necia Kimber, system director of quality and infection control is encouraging people who wish to get tested and not medical care to use other testing locations.

“Testing for COVID-19 is an important step in decreasing the spread and keeping our community safe.” Kimber said.

On Monday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported over 9,207 cumulative cases in Stillwater. This comes after thousands of the students, staff and faculty resumed sessions this week.

Earlier in the week, top U.S. infectious-disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said "virtually everybody is going to wind up getting exposed and likely get infected. But if your vaccinated and if your boosted the chances of you getting sick are very, very low." 

Students, faculty and staff can schedule an appointment at University Health Services to get tested for COVID-19 or receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.