Stillwater City Council approves grow facility

Stillwater City Council

Stillwater City Council approved a new grow facility in a 3-2 vote Monday at the City Council meeting.

Lore Properties LLC, along with applicant Simply Grow Crops, was approved for a Specific Use Permit to allow a medical marijuana grow facility by the City Council on Monday.

With about 50 people attending the Stillwater City Council meeting, the Specific Use Permit was approved with a 3-2 vote by the council. Councilor John Wedlake and Vice Mayor Pat Darlington were the only council members to vote no. Mayor Will Joyce, Councilor Alane Zannotti and Councilor Amy Dzialowski voted yes on the medical marijuana grow facility.

The meeting was held in the Council Hearing Room at the Stillwater Municipal Building located at 723 S. Lewis St.

The item was delivered by Development Review Manager Lanc Gross for the grow facility permit to be located at 2000 E. Arjay Ave. The planning commission approved the grow facility with a 5-0 vote.

The public was allowed to comment, but no one signed up to speak on the item. The item was discussed for a few minutes before it was passed.

Joyce said the council has already licensed three or four grow facilities.

“We can't reject the application just because it's a grow facility,” Joyce said. “As long as they fit the zoning and as long as they have met their Oklahoma licensing standards, then it basically has to be approved by the city.”

Zannotti said there are certain checks and balances they can do before they approve the Specific Use Permit.

“When the mayor asked our attorney, ‘Were they in good standing? Did they follow what

they needed to do? Did they put all of their requests in before they got to this point?,’ that’s what we do our checks and balances,” Zannotti said. “[We] make sure they are under the right zoning. They are gonna follow all of the stimulations that we have as a city and also at the state level.”

City Manager Norman McNickle said grow facilities do not have the same tax revenue that dispensaries have.

“They do use a ton of utilities, so we do make a little profit off of utilities,” said


Darlington said she usually votes no on the agenda items with medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities.

“It makes me sad that this is being touted as the solution for all kinds of things when you’ve not even been accurately diagnosed,” Darlington said. “I know that people have found relief in some respects, but I do think that it can also make things worse. I know that it can make things worse.”