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Still Waiting: OSU students and professors predict election results

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are still in a very contested, confusing race for the 2020 election.

Rarely are the results of the presidential election not declared on or shortly after election night, but 2020 is hardly a year of normality. 

The first round of polls closed at 6 p.m. CST and, as of 6 p.m. Thursday, the American people do not have an outcome to the much anticipated election. The Associated Press has called 264 electoral votes for Joe Biden and 214 for President Trump, with 5 states left.

Biochemistry major Brenden Determan said it definitely feels like ‘living through a chapter of history.’

“The emotions surging through my mind range from being nervous to being patient,” Determann said. “We all know that someone has to be named the US President at the end of this election. It is just a matter of when that will happen because it will cause many to be very anxious of the outcome that is to follow.

Industrial engineering senior Matthew Edgeller predicted Tuesday that Trump would take an early lead, but after mail-in ballots are all counted, he expected Biden to win. The O’Colly followed up with Edgeller Thursday to see how he felt about the course of the election.

“I thought I was just being a conspiracy theorist thinking that Trump would actually stop votes from being counted,” Edgelle said. “But it came true.”

Student and professor predictions for when results will be final are all across the board. OSU freshman Charles Paulson predictics results will be final by Friday. History professor Jared Eberle said he has ‘no idea.’ 

“I told my student today because they asked and I said it’s 2020, I have given up trying to give up anything that is going to happen long ago because every time I’ve tried it’s been spectacularly wrong,” Eberle said. “I told them I’m going to go home, listen to records and go to bed. And we’ll see and who knows.”

There is no doubt that this election will impact students at OSU and across the country. Engineering senior Nicole Koza said she hopes President Trump wins. 

“[Trump] has cut taxes and has been a proponent for American Manufacturing,” Koza said. “Additionally, I am from Houston where the local economy is largely affected by oil and gas. Biden has been very against oil and gas which would hurt Houston and my family is in the welding supply industry (largely affected by the oil and gas industry) so that would hurt our business long term.”

On the other side of the vote, agriculture communications major Allyson Eller said she is absolutely terrified for the results. 

Although I am white and won’t lose much if Trump wins I am terrified for our future if he does,” Eller said. “I’m terrified for my friends. I am in such a state of shock that anyone can vote for a man who talks about minorities the way Trump does.”

While Koza and Eller are supporting opposing candidates, they had one thing in common this election night. Both students are getting election updates during homework breaks.