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Spring take: Students take trips, despite lack of a true spring break

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Oklahoma State University cancelled Spring Break 2021, but that didn't stop students from taking a much-needed break.

Spring Break is usually the time for college students to hit the beaches, ski the slopes and take a break from the constant stress of schoolwork. Spring Break 2021 looked a little different for students at OSU this year. Depending on the student, this time is used to take vacations, catch up on schoolwork and simply take a break from the ongoing assignments that tend to pile up. However, this year students are left to find ways to plow through.

OSU decided to replace the university’s usual spring break for scattered Wellness Days. The reason for this decision was to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Instead of students receiving a week free of class, school remained in session. Despite this,some students took matters into their own hands and took a spring break anyway. 

Kamryn Shelby, sophomore, said, “I went to OYE in Oklahoma City and would wake up and watch my classes online in the hotel room and then I would work on some homework in the morning, then in the afternoon I would go to the showbarn and go shopping.”

Other students traveled farther than Oklahoma City.

Ashton Keeter, junior, said, “I went to Paris, Illinois, and left Thursday after my lab. I skipped my in person class on Friday because attendance is not required.”

Some students claim that spring break helped with the stresses of schoolwork. 

When asked if taking a voluntary spring break aided in relieving stress, Keeter said, “Yes! It definitely helped with the stress.” 

Shelby stated, “All of my classes are online, so the level of workload and stress did not change.”

Varying schedules, online and in person, were a factor when deciding to take a spring break. With online classes being an option, students can practically attend class from anywhere, including a beach, hotel in OKC, or the mountain tops of Colorado. With OSU planning to have a “normal” fall semester, students are looking forward to the possibility of a normal spring break in 2022.