Sidebar: Breakdown of proposal for State Question 804

State Question 804

What is the proposed State Question about?

The petition is to make a state question on the next Oklahoma ballot deciding who is responsible for redrawing district lines. If put into action, an independent commission of citizens (three from the majority party, three from the minority party and three members unaffiliated with either party) would be tasked to redraw the district lines. If not passed, redrawing district lines will remain the responsibility of the state lawmakers.

Who is petitioning?

A civilian-led group called People Not Politicians is leading the charge to have this as a question on the ballot along with Women Voters of Oklahoma. The group’s stated main goal is to put a stop to gerrymandering, the purposeful manipulation of voting district lines, by putting it into voters hands to make the process more transparent and fair. Women Voters of Oklahoma is a constituent of the national organization Women Voters and is a non-partisan organization that supports a variety of different public policy and focuses on education and participation in government.

Why should you care?

This year is an election year and a census year. Whichever party wins the majority has more say in how the district lines are drawn. If this petition is passed and ends up as a state question that is voted into law, a separate body will be making those decisions. Those district lines are used to determine the representative for your district and who you can vote into state governing bodies.