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Should the 25th amendment be used to remove Trump from office?

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President Donald Trump during the Team Trump on Tour Rally on June 20, 2020 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The mob attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 has caused many people to consider whether President Trump should be removed from office. The O'Colly asked two Oklahoma State students from both political parties this question: Should the 25th amendment be used to remove Trump from office even though his term is practically over?

Ellen Slater (Democrat)

There is no excuse for the Capitol attacks on January 6. As Trump was impeached for the second time, it is apparent he needs to be removed from office, despite only having six days left in his term. It became clear that Trump was not fit for office due to inciting the Capitol attacks last week and his inability to respond to the situation as it took place. Not removing Trump from office sets the precedent for the future that instances like this are OK. The U.S. is better than this. We need to hold future leaders to higher standards. Letting him continue, even if it’s just for six days, is putting idolization of a single man over the good of the country. If the leaders of the US genuinely care about our country, the Senate will take action to remove the president from office.

Michael Baughman (Republican)

No, it should not be invoked. Most people want the 25th amendment to be used because the president “incited” a riot and “told” the crowd of his supporters to storm the capital. That is a false notion and anyone who says that he did is lying. The full speech he gave is open to the public on youtube. At the beginning the president stated, “We signed a beautiful law that if you hurt our monuments you go to jail for ten years”. It is completely illogical to tell a crowd you get ten years for vandalizing monuments then go tell the same crowd to vandalize a monument. Meanwhile, Maxine Waters told people “If you see anyone from that cabinet form a crowd around them and you push back on them”? The double standard is so clear, Maxine gets a free pass because she has a D next to her name.