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Sharing experiences: Bringing knowledge and awareness

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Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month is Sept.15 - Oct. 15, celebrating the achievements and contributions of Hispanic/Latinx American champions who inspired others to achieve success.

Last year Oklahoma State reported in its spring student profile, over half of its student population are students who are white. However, there are different clubs and organizations that make sure diverse communities are embraced and seen. This month is an opportunity for Hispanic/Latinx students to take part in some of the traditions they grew up with and their culture.

Bringing awareness is the main goal of this month, not only for the people in the community but also for everyone interested in learning. 

Rey Marrufo is the coordinator of Hispanic/ Latinx Affairs, a first-generation college graduate and the son of two immigrant parents from Mexico. Additionally, Marrufo works as the adviser for the Hispanic Student Association and is passionate about helping all students fit in. Marrufo said he is open to talk with students at any time and share his experiences with them in order to help them out.

“The office of Multicultural Affairs is the best place for students with different ethnicities to first go when they arrive to OSU,” Marrufo said. “ This office is a resource for all students, we have different coordinators that focus on students from different places across the world.”

The office of Multicultural Affairs makes sure students know they don not only belong to one group, but most of the time, they actually belong to several. Aiming to remind diverse communities they have a voice, they are seen and heard on this campus and will grow into great leaders.

Jessica Cortez is a junior and president of the Hispanic Student Association. She has been part of the organization since her freshman year and is a person students can go to when they are looking into getting more involved with events, groups, or even want to learn more about the community. Students can stay connected with the Hispanic Student Association’s through it’s Instagram, okstate_hsa, and where it posts upcoming events or meetings.

“Trying to take more leadership roles is one of the biggest struggles the Hispanic/Latinx community go through,” Cortez said. “ As minorities, you want to get involved because you want to be recognized and heard and finding a balance between these two things (being a leader and a minority) is a struggle for most of us.”

Cortez and Marrufo said the Hispanic/ Latin community has a lot on its shoulders, and getting involved on campus is an important way of carrying its values and culture. They said learning about the community is the best way to be an ally.

To find more information about events and how to get involved access Hispanic/Latinx programs and resources visit the Division of Institutional Diversity on OSU’s website.