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SGA inaugurates new officers

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The Student Government Association held inauguration for its 2023-2024 officers on Friday. 

Ashley Peterson and Hilary Albrecht were sworn in as president and vice president, respectively. The Senate speaker, Sydney Adkins, along with cabinet executives, committee speakers and a Supreme Court justice, were also sworn in. 

Peterson and Albrecht said they are excited to begin their term. 

“It's been a very long journey getting here and a very exciting journey and everything that we've done along the way, everything we've worked towards and every goal we've set to accomplish can really start next semester,” Peterson said. “And so this just symbolizes us really filling the role and stepping into the role to accomplish our goals next semester.”

While the new officers were sworn in last week, their duties will not officially begin until next semester. However, the transition process has already begun. Albrecht said she is looking forward to beginning preparations for Lights on Stillwater this summer. 

Despite facing delays in election results due to an investigation regarding alleged campaign violations, Peterson is glad to be officially sworn in.

“I mean, we've been forged by fire and it makes us very strong and very confident in everything we set to accomplish what we want to accomplish,” Peterson said. “And so, being here right now is just a big celebration and an exciting point for us to really take the role and run with it and be able to be here and have ‘officially made it,’ I guess you could say.”

The pair celebrated their accomplishment alongside family and friends. Peterson’s family, along with the professor she works for and her friends, attended the event. Albrecht’s mother, sister and niece traveled from South Dakota to be a part of the festivities.

Outgoing SGA president, Riley Pritzlaff, offered advice to Peterson and Albrecht, as well as the other officers, during his remarks.

“To our incoming officers, this will probably be one of the oddest, busiest, but also one of the most rewarding years you will experience,” Pritzlaff said. 

He encouraged the officers to embrace the experience and rely on each other. 

The ceremony concluded with a new president, vice president, Senate speaker, 24 new cabinet executives, 6 new Senate committee speakers and one new Supreme Court Justice.