SGA a legislative body, family


The air in the room of Case Study 2 was filled with chatter, laughter and excitement on Wednesday night as the Student Government Association convened for its second meeting of the semester.

Almost surprisingly, the Senate body at Oklahoma State University appeared cohesive and familial, a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate.

After procedural openings, the Senate body began their docket.

There was an early discussion of Mental Health Week and Welcome Week, two important events for the university in terms of planning and student involvement. They also talked about a revival of a spirit week amongst the colleges.

Near the end of the meeting, Senator Garrison Allen held the Senate floor. He spoke of the 19th anniversary of Remember the Ten, which was Monday. Though it was a tragedy, he cites it as a large part of his bond to the university.

“A lot of people don’t understand how much of a family we are,” Allen says, drawing on the pride of the Cowboy family. “We have something special here.”

Melisa Echols, advisor to the SGA, also had a message to share with the senators.

“Know your limits, know what you can handle … with your schedules,” Echols said.

She cautioned students about overdoing their workload, citing that mental health should be a priority.

Echols spoke to the ties of the Cowboy family once again, reminding students that she and other faculty care about the senators as people as well as students.

She also reminded students that the student body of OSU is highly diverse with “different goals, different ideas, [and] different backgrounds.”

“Talking across differences at any age is difficult,” Echols said. “As a family… we should be able to get along in any space.”