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Resources and representation: SGA senators set sights on the last weeks of school

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SGA Meeting

Student Government Association settles down to take role before the meeting.

Passing three bills with the occasional dad joke, Oklahoma State’s Student Government Association (SGA) discussed how to serve the student body in the remaining six weeks of the semester.

“Your school, your voice” is the motto for the Student Government Association (SGA), and Senate Chair Nathan Dethloff said SGA is led by this creed. He said senators of SGA want to be receptive to the Oklahoma State student body voice, resulting in SGA writing beneficial legislation. By partnering with faculty and staff, Dethloff said SGA has the resources to make a difference.

“Not only do we get to train leaders and grow as leaders, but we get to advocate in the process,” said Dethloff. 

Serving the community and the college is the reason Maddie Dunn ran for SGA senator. Dunn said passing legislation and to better represent education majors is her goal.

“I don’t feel like, specifically, elementary education majors get represented enough or education in general,” said Dunn. “That’s why I wanted to [run] because I feel like it’s a good use to represent my voice and my career and my community.” 

Additionally, Dunn said she is “excited” to see younger representation in the senate this semester. Kayla Rawson, Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL) Director and member of SGA’s President Cabinet, said she is looking forward to seeing more engagement with the student body.  

“Getting more engagement in community and knowing what’s going on in Stillwater and other students, I think all the senators are passionate about that,” said Riwson. “We have already seen a lot of engagement with that.”

Dethloff said SGA has the opportunity to grant funds for events and conferences on campus to benefit OSU students. During the meeting, SGA passed three bills granting $1000 to three respective organizations to assist with funding at their events. 

Those bills included funding for: the Asian American Student Association’s Harvest Moon Festival that will be held on Saturday, OIL and Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority’s Culture Shock event.

Dethloff said SGA continues to strive to better student’s life on campus through passing legislation to meet student’s needs and event funding. 

“The most exciting part about SGA is we get to advocate for students,” Dethloff said. “It’s something unique about our group.” 

Students interested in joining SGA can contact Senate Chair Nathan Dethloff at: