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Rent-a-reality: OSU offers virtual reality at Edmon Low Library

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Student with VR Headset

Oklahoma State student uses Creative Studios Virtual Reality Suit to experience the world of VR.

Have you ever rented out a study room at Edmon Low Library? Did you know that Creative Studios inside Edmon Low has its very own Virtual Reality Suites? Located on the first floor of Edmon Low in room 105, Creative Studios is equipped with some of the most useful and fun resources for students to use. 

Just like the study rooms, the Virtual Reality Suites are available for students to rent for free at any time online, or in-person inside Creative Studios. If you are someone who enjoys virtual reality or wants to start exploring the world of virtual reality, this is the place for you. 

Equipped with Alienware computers and the HTC Vive virtual reality system, the Virtual Reality Suites have everything you need to start your virtual experience. Inside the Virtual Reality Suites, you will find a fully immersive seated flight simulator with Dolby surround sound, a flight control yoke and rudder pedals. When asked about the flight simulator, Allison Irving, a first-year student majoring in management information systems, stated that “it is pretty challenging, you have to get in there and practice because it is really sensitive like an actual plane. To be successful at it you have to do it a few times.” The flight simulator inside Creative Studios is a perfect spot for anyone interested in learning more about aviation because of its life-like experience.

The Virtual Reality Suites are not the only things Creative studios has to offer. Have you ever wanted to vlog with friends or take a Go-Pro out on a daily adventure, but don’t have the money to go out and buy all the necessary equipment to make it happen? Cameras, lights, microphones, Go-Pros and even more are available to rent for free three days at a time with Creative Studios. They have everything you need for that vlog or adventure you’ve always wanted to have. 

If your interests lie among the start, you may be interested in the Creative Studios telescope rentals. . At any time students can freely rent a telescope that, just like the other technology, can be rented for three days at a time. Perfect for that next lunar eclipse or even a beautiful starry night, these free telescope rentals are something every student should take advantage of while they can.