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Rally of Reflection: OkState Stand United rally reflects on progress made

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Organizer Gregory Samuel delivered a spoken word poem at the OKState Stand United Rally last Friday.

OkState Stand United organizers held a rally Friday that highlighted the importance of perseverance and urged students to stay involved. 

The rally came almost a month after OSU President, Burns Hargis, committed to develop a new Diversity and Inclusion plan that will address the group’s List of Urgencies. 

Sean Tolbert, a co-organizer of OKSSU, said the event drew a smaller crowd than usual but the students involved are persevering. 

“It is so hard to be young people that are consciously aware today,” Tolbert said. “You guys are persevering and I just want to say thank you so much. This is exactly what we need to continue all the work that we are doing.”

Tolbert introduced the administrators who oversee the development of the new Diversity and Inclusion plan, Jeanette Mendez, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, and Leon McClinton Jr., Director of Housing and Residential Life. 

“These are the people who are going to do the important work that we need to see all the change that all of you have been fighting for,” Tolbert said. 

Co-organizer Payton Dougherty urged students to vote and directed them to the voter registration table on Library Lawn. 

“Make sure you have a plan to vote,” Dougherty said. “If you can vote in person, do it. If you feel safe enough do it and do it early.”

OSU running back Chuba Hubbard also made an appearance. 

Co-organizer, Gregory Samuel, performed an emotional spoken word piece in what he said might be his last performance of the year. 

“So, give em’ hell,” Samuel said. “In the boardroom, where you are the only black, speak that truth. Whatever is burning in your gut, that God-given discernment, bellow loud if it’s injustice ever in your presence."

The rally ended with an eight minute and 46 second moment of silence to reflect.