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Q&A: Rodney Ashaba

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Oklahoma State student, Rodney Ashaba, said he took pictures in Dallas, Texas, of ASAP Rocky.

A trip to a music festival lead Rodney Ashaba, a pre-med biology freshman, to bagels and ASAP Rocky.

1. What made you get into photography? 

Since I was a child, I would see my mother collect pictures from the picture book when we would go on vacation, and I always thought it was pretty interesting. As time went on, she decided to introduce me to cameras, which I didn't pay attention to because I was interested in other things at the time. But later on, I met people really good at photography, and they explained how it was a way to express yourself and others through pictures. It was sort of a change of heart for me, and I revered it a lot more than I did in childhood. 

2. Have you taken photos of anyone famous? 

About two years ago, I was in Dallas for a music festival, and down the street from where my friends and I were getting bagels, we ran into ASAP Rocky. We actually were going to see him in concert, and we got a chance to sit down and talk to him a bit. I got some pictures with him, and some just of him with my film camera. 

3. What does the future of your photography look like?

As of right now, I’m more focused on the modeling aspect of it, especially being a model myself. Photography has been a way to get comfortable with the camera beyond in front of it. I’ve started to take my pictures more seriously as people have noticed my talent behind the camera. The future holds many surprises because I plan on travelling a lot, and I want to see cool things and people and take pictures of them, trying to remember as much of my life as I can.