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Put to the test: OSU students adjust to online final exams


Students have had to adjust to Zoom classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the year comes to a close, Oklahoma State University is switching to full online learning for finals week, presenting students with yet another challenge: virtual finals. 

It is known that stress is almost tangible during finals week, and the virtual component testing this year has added more pressure for some OSU students.

“I’m worried that maybe I didn’t get enough preparation because not having in-person time to talk to my professors last week,” Alexis Maynard, a strategic communications junior, said.

While some may think that taking virtual finals can’t be that much different from taking them in person, there are some crucial limitations that come with taking online exams that concern students more than usual. 

“I am used to sitting in a classroom and if I have any questions or anything like that I could talk to the professor and ask them things like that and usually with most of the virtual finals that I have we can’t do that. Is more of just answering questions and turning them in,” Logan Bone, psychology junior, said.  

The additional tension has become so great for some that it has impacted their mental health.  

“I felt very cooped up in my house, just kind of going crazy. Just staring at the computer 24/7 is mentally draining,” Kamryn Bene, animal science junior, said. 

Students have dealt with the pandemic and new accommodations for the entire semester, allowing a number of them to take finals week somewhat more lightly. 

“All of our finals were virtual last semester so I’m pretty much used to it at this point. It didn’t feel quite as real taking it,” Elizabeth Thomas, history junior, said. 

Despite all the difficulties that might arise, some OSU professors have made efforts to make the process of taking virtual finals as smooth sailing as possible. 

“Most of them are trying to be as helpful as possible. They are answering as many questions as they can. A lot of them are posting study guides and things like that. I am grateful that they are being helpful as much as they can, so I am not displeased with that,” Bone said.