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Political point/counterpoint: Which candidate offers the most ethical/logical solution for gun rights?

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With a United States presidential election next week, the issue of gun rights is prevalent. The O’Colly received statements from members in College Republicans and College Democrats who shared their opinions on which candidate offers the most ethical/logical solution for gun rights:

College republicans (Michael Baughman):

“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The best policy is to leave guns alone and focus on background checks. 

The insane logic that some wackadoodle would follow the directions of a sign is mind boggling. 

Signs that say “no guns on the premises” stops people just as well as the OU defensive line trying to hold their ground against an offensive line made up of nuns (they both don’t work). 

Many people do not know this but one of Hitler's first proclamations was to strip the Jewish people’s guns. In Venezuela 2012, the private owning of firearms was banned to lessen crime and president Maduro has ruled with an iron fist ever since. 

I disagree with President Trump somewhat on guns, he is too hard on guns in my opinion but way better than Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke, who Biden said will be his gun guy.


College democrats (Anna Pope):

According to the Centers of Disease Control about 40,000 people died in 2017 because of firearm related injuries, that is around 109 people a day. 

Using his executive authority, former Vice President Biden says he will go after constitutional gun safety policies that allow citizens to maintain their right to bear arms but also help prevent gun violence. 

Biden’s plan involves putting in place universal background checks, encouraging licensing programs on assault weapons, voluntary buyback programs for high capacity rounds of ammunition and assault weapons, and instating the red-flag law. 

As citizens who were kids or who have seen kids perform active shooter drills before the first grade, we must realize the need to do more. 

The ethical and logical solution is realizing the need to do more, meaning supporting common-sense gun legislation that is not gun confiscation. Doing more just means better our gun legislation as a whole.