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Political point/counterpoint: Which candidate is better suited to handle COVID-19?

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COVID-19 is an issue that the entire world is facing right now. With a United States presidential election coming up, the issue of which candidate would be best suited to help limit the spread of COVID is a rising concern. The O’Colly received statements from members who have been involved in College Republicans and College Democrats who shared their opinions on this:

College republicans (Michael Baughman):

There hasn't been something like this in 100 years. We’ve never had the WHO, who is supposed to warn of diseases, not deliver.

If they did we would be in a better place.

Trump shut down travel to China and Europe, while Biden tried to score political points by calling it xenophobia. Biden claimed that China is not a big deal saying “China is not eating our lunch,” while China was hiding COVID from everyone.

They allowed travel from Wuhan to everywhere else, but banned travel from mainland China to Wuhan. They also threatened many countries not to deliver life saving drugs and equipment if said country didn’t sign the 5G Hauwei deal.

Some look at Trump downplaying COVID, however every other administration has downplayed something to limit panic. Pelosi, Schumer and Biden were doing this. They told people to come to the packed streets of Chinatown/Lunar New Year.

College democrats (Anna Pope):

Former Vice President Joe Biden will unite the country and provide the leadership necessary to help slow the virus’s spread, unlike President Trump who drew partisan lines on preventative measures.

Let that sink in. The COVID-19 deaths in America are more than U.S. combat deaths in World War I and the Vietnam War combined, but for Trump COVID-19 is a partisan issue. Additionally, when elected, Joe Biden will fully implement the Defense Production Act to supply equipment needed to help institutions like hospitals and schools be better prepared to address the virus. The current administration could have done this, but instead, the President called COVID-19 a hoax.

Finally, Joe Biden will work with a new Congress to provide the economic assistance needed to get the country back on its feet, unlike President Trump who effectively shuts assistance negotiations down.