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Pokes and the President: OSU community reacts to president-elect Biden

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OSU students reacted to the election results this past week. 

All 77 Oklahoma counties voted for President Trump to be reelected, but Vice President Joseph R. Biden was announced as president-elect by The Associated Press on Saturday. 

With the race being called by most major news outlets came a range of reactions from the Oklahoma State community. 

A group of students met on Library Lawn to celebrate the victory, while other students argued the election isn’t over yet.

Nicole Koza, an industrial engineering senior, said she doesn’t think it is the national media’s place to call the winner of the election.

I hope that if [Biden] is pronounced the official winner, that we will have checked the votes twice,” Koza said. “Ideally, the votes will be checked by bi-partisan groups before we announce the official winner to avoid having to re announce the winner. This is a very high stake election so it is extra important that all the votes are legitimate and counted without error.”

Those celebrating Biden as president-elect did so for different reasons. Agriculture communications major Allyson Eller said she was not celebrating that Biden won but that Trump lost.

“I’m happy he’ll be out of office,” Eller said.

Associate biochemistry professor Puni Jeyasingh said he feels more welcome as a non-white naturalized American with a Biden leadership.

Some students were apathetic to the outcome of the election. 

Layne Turner, a senior psychology major said he believes nothing is going to change.

“Biden is the same type of candidate Trump is but no one cares because he’s in their favorite party,” Turner said. 

Payne county received 17,778 votes for Donald Trump and 10,881 for Joe Biden. It is clear those who support President Trump are the majority in Stillwater. 

Koza said she is not a fan of Biden, but if he is officially elected, she will support the President.

“I don’t agree with Biden’s policies, but as an American citizen, if he is pronounced the official winner, I have a duty to support the president,” Koza said. “I do think his policies will raise the cost of living (by raising taxes on companies like Walmart who will increase the selling price of items to adjust for it) and hurt the oil and gas industry as well as American manufacturing. It is important to remember right now whether or not I like the winner of the election, that God is still in control and knows what is going to happen.”