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Petition to keep Eskimo Joe's name is also gaining traction

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Eskimo Joe and his partner Buffy.

Fans of the popular Stillwater restaurant Eskimo Joe's are divided on a potential name change.

On Monday, an online petition started circulating with the goal of changing the name of both Eskimo Joe's and Mexico Joe's. In response to this, an Eskimo Joe's fan decided to make his own petition to keep the name intact. 

"Eskimo Joe's (1975) and Mexico Joe's (1987) have been a tradition in Stillwater, Oklahoma for many years," the petition read. "Now, there are people trying to change everything. There are people literally signing a petition to attempt to try to get the name and logos of these restaurants changed claiming that they are racist and offensive to Eskimo people and minorities. These restaurants are far from racist and offensive."

In its first day of being posted, the petition already garnered over 11,000 signatures online.

The petition demanding a name change started the petition last week and has over 1,100 signatures. This original petition cited racial insensitivity as the reason for wanting a name change.

"People of color shouldn't be seen as caricatures or used as mascots," the original petition read. "It's damaging for children to see themselves depicted as ugly or dehumanized. These depictions parallel the racist ads, mascots, and cartoons of Native Americans, Asians, and Africans. The Inuit and Mexican people are not to be exploited for these restaurants' branding."