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Packed in: Early bird gets the parking spot

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OSU student's circle the overflow lot in search of a parking spot.

Oklahoma State's parking lots return to its normal full state.

OSU provides parking to students, faculty and staff members who pay for a parking pass. According to the “Departmental Sustainability Plan” for OSU’s Parking and Transportation Services, its mission is to “supports the campus community by providing for safe, efficient access and mobility in an environmentally responsible manner.”

OSU’s parking is a popular concern for students. Some experience confusion and stress surrounding the idea of parking in general. Hannah Lee, a junior human development and family sciences major, said she is facing minor discomforts. 

“I just know I spend a lot more time trying to find parking, which is aggravating but also understandable because people are coming back so the population (at OSU) is a lot higher now than it used to be,” Lee said.

For many students, parking is irritating. Gracie Dover, freshman aerospace and mechanical engineering major, said her parking experience is terrible. 

“The area I park in is not well signed, so I ended up getting a ticket because I didn’t know I was in the correct parking even though I was one row off,” Dover said. 

Another student, Faith Appledorn, a junior, also experienced similar difficulties near Boone Pickens Stadium. 

“I realized that I did not get there early enough to park by the stadium because there were so many (unavailable) spots,” Appledorn said. “There were a lot of empty staff spots so I was just like, what was the point? You have way more commuters than that.” 

While some students are getting their first taste of OSU’s parking with a more present student population, Steve Spradling, Director of the Department of Parking and Transportation Services, said the numbers are not abnormal.

He said the department is seeing the same kind of numbers in parking of years past and it will settle down once students get accustomed to the semester.

“It’s not different than it was in previous years,” Spradling said.

Spradling said parking cannot always be close to buildings because lots are strategically placed around buildings and the perimeter of campus. He says while some may feel as though there are not enough spots available, the university has ample parking.

Many students drive and some opt for other transportation methods like OSU’s community transit, biking and more to avoid parking.