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Vending machines run barren

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Vending machines run barren

Vending machines are empty all over campus; crumbs of Nutter Butter and Chex are all that remain in the crevice of the slot door. 

Vending Services, a division of Dining Services, originally hired 10 students to fill the 220 vending machines around campus. Many of these students chose to quit after the university began working on a contract that would bring in an outside company to stock the machines, said Robert Snead, assistant director of Dining Services. 

Dining Services Director Terry Baker said the company’s name is being kept confidential because the contract has not been finalized. She said she believes the partnership will begin before the end of the semester.

Employees were gradually coming in to quit in the middle of summer, Snead said. Two weeks after the first round of people left the job, an additional four students quit.

“There are currently three original workers that are still employed, one of which stays at the warehouse to take orders,” he said.

These jobs span anywhere from food preparation, physical plant and others, Snead said.

Because of the lack of workers, vending machines aren’t being filled quickly.

When Vending Services receives a complaint, Snead said they respond immediately.

“We have a board in our office and we find the machine’s location and work on filling it up in a two-day turnaround,” Snead said.

Because there are five convenience stores around campus, he said he doesn’t see the vending machines negatively effecting students.

“Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything, even though we have all the products available,” Snead said.

Students can expect the machines to see a turnaround in about four to six weeks, he said. 

“We are doing the best we can,” Snead said. “We are splitting up routes and trying to get as much help as possible as soon as possible.”