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Mr. and Ms. International crowned Tuesday

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The Student Union theater was packed last night as this year’s new Mr. and Ms. International were crowned.

Mr. Nepal, Raj Babu Adhikari, and Ms. India, Rohita Mal, were given the title of Mr. and Ms. International last night, which the International Student Organization hosted.

Before the winners were crowned, however, each contestant had the opportunity to show off his or her grace, talent and intellect in a talent show and question-and-answer portion of the event.

The event kicked off with last year’s Mr. and Ms. International dancing to the popular Korean song “Gangnam Style” and introducing the judges as well as a few opening words from Ms. OSU, Michelle Langford.

There were nine contestants that represented the countries of China, Nepal, Iran, India, Thailand and Argentina.

The talent portion of the competition had a variety of different acts from traditional dancing, singing, piano playing, and an act from China that consisted of making tea and serving it to the audience. After the talent show, the guest performers, the Japanese Student Association did a traditional group dance before the final question-and-answer portion of the show.

Each contestant was asked questions from how to improve international awareness on campus to what they value most from their country. After the questions were all answered, the winners from the International Olympics were announced. The Chinese Friendship Association, the Malaysian Student Association and the Indian Student Association were just some of the organizations that received awards. After all the medals and trophies were handed out, the new Mr. and Ms. International were crowned along with the runner-ups Ms. China, Mengjie Wang, and Mr. Argentina, Jose Miguel Polaneo. The event ended with a reception for the winners and contestants.

The newly crowned Adhikari, who did a traditional dance from his country of Nepal that he dedicated to war veterans’ as his talent, said he felt privileged to be able to represent Nepal by winning the title.

“I am honored to be in the States being able to support my country,” Adhikari said. “Being away from home, I feel like I should represent my country and my people. It’s something very special because we can learn a lot from other people, and I feel like other people can learn from me.”

Mal, who sang a traditional song from India, said she was overwhelmed with joy after being given the title of Ms. International.

“It was an appreciation not only of my talent, but my country,” Mal said. “It was great to represent my country as a whole. I am very proud of my country and I feel like I did justice to it.”

Jason Huang, the ISO president who has helped organize Mr. and Ms. International in the past, said he felt like the change of venue was an important contributing factor to the event’s success.

“Last year’s show was in the ballroom and the audio equipment wasn’t updated,” Huang said. “Here in the theater, everything is new and it’s perfect sitting for the audience.

“We had five rehearsals before the event and people cooperated and did their best. I have been part of ISO for five years and I feel like this is the best Mr. and Ms. International that we’ve organized.”