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5 mistakes to avoid during your first week at OSU

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1. Don’t get CLBN and CLB confused

North Classroom Building and Classroom Building are two different buildings and they are on opposite sides of Oklahoma State’s campus. Make sure to check which building your class is in so you can avoid being late and shamefully trekking to the right building. Still lost? See a campus map here.

2. Don't walk up the stairs of Morrill Hall 

Walking up Morrill Hall’s iconic steps is the easiest way to be spotted as a freshman. Use the side doors any time you need to enter this building, even if your class is on an upper floor. Legend has it that walking up these stairs before your senior year will cause you to not graduate on time.

3. Don't get a parking ticket 

Even if you're running late or think you will be back before the parking attendants see your car, don't park in permit-only spots if you don't have a permit. Their sole responsibility is to give parking tickets and they take pride in their work. Parking tickets can get expensive, and if you're not careful, multiple tickets could result in a hold on your bursar account.  

4. Don't walk into the wrong classroom 

We’ve all done it and it is always painfully embarrassing. It is never a bad idea to double check the room number of your class. The O’Colly recommends taking a screenshot of your schedule and setting it as your phone's lock screen until you have those room numbers committed to memory. 

5. Don't splurge at the Union Bookstore

The Union Bookstore has anything you need, from laptops and pencils to the latest OSU gear, which is what makes it easy to spend too much money. Beware of buying clothes or accessories like travel mugs at the bookstore because there are places around town with the same products at cheaper prices. Remember, you will have to pay your bursar bill eventually.