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OSU Students celebrate projected Biden win

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A Biden for President flag sway in the breeze on Library Lawn. The OSU College Democrats gather on Library Lawn in Celebration for President Elect Biden on November 7, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Students met to spread positivity in light of President-elect Biden’s projected victory.

A group of students rallied in front of Oklahoma State University’s Edmon Low Library on Saturday to celebrate projections by CNN, FOX and other major media outlets that Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris have been elected as the 46th President and Vice President of the United States. 

Grace Gunderson, a sophomore and Director of Communications for the College Democrats, was excited for the opportunity to provide inclusive messaging for left-leaning students on campus.

“We’re just trying to put some positive messages out on campus, which is the opposite of what we’ve seen. We want to be a representation for people who’ve felt scared to speak out by helping them feel welcome and letting them know they have a place out here,” she said.

Several students in attendance belong to the OSU chapter of College Democrats.

“It’s definitely a good time to have a group of people to talk to.”

Marjon King, a junior with a political science, pre-law focus, expressed optimism for a Biden/Harris administration.

“The social aspect of what’s going on and in everything that’s transpired--these months of rioting and this whole pandemic--really matter to me,” King said. “I feel as if Biden has given us a great message. I think that he and Kamala Harris are going to improve the social economics of how the United States works.”

King went on to highlight Biden’s personal merits and appeals, particularly his gift of empathy and selflessness in politics.

“He focused on listening to the people and I think that’s the biggest thing that won my vote,” King said. “He listens to us and he took all of our perspectives into consideration and used them to focus on creating an America that will be better for all of us. Biden has made it clear that it’s not about him or any other politicians; it’s about us as a people. We the people get to make decisions on how our country should be run.”

Shane Howard is a freshman studying criminal justice and a relatively new member of the College Democrats who was excited by Biden’s promise to restore civility to the White House.

“What really solidified my vote for Biden was that Trump brought tremendous disrespect to the White House during his presidency,” Howard said. “Foreign leaders do not take him seriously unless they were authoritarians or dictators. He made it very clear in four years that he was not my president simply because I was opposed to some of the things that he was doing.”

Though they hold a minority on campus, OSU Biden supporters like Grace, Marjon and Shane are optimistic for what the next four years have in store for Americans.