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OSU reminds students of standing mask regulations

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OSU has reminded students that masks are required to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

College is different for almost everyone in the midst of COVID-19.  The world today consists of wearing masks, social distancing, and using gallons of hand sanitizer, which for most students was not on the syllabus when they arrived at college. 

 In an email sent out onFeb. 3, by OSU news, it was brought to students’ attention that individuals have been reported not participating in the mask protocol. This protocol states that masks should be worn at all times in any building on campus and even on transport buses.

“At the beginning of this school year, we asked students, faculty members and staff to take part in the Cowboys Promise to Protect. We need the Cowboy family to renew that promise now.” said the campus message. The promise entails putting others first and using the best available efforts to keep everybody on campus healthy.  

When asked about the protocol, Andrew Coakley, a Graduate student, said, “I think if it's something we all need to do to get to enjoy in person classes together, then we should definitely do it and be happy we are still allowed to go to school here.”

Mallory Pursell, a sophomore, alluded to a similar conclusion “I think it is the same as other mask protocols in the country, including CDC, so we should also comply.”

Not all students are of the same opinion. 

Dawson Stedman, a sophomore, commented, “I do not agree with the mask protocol because wearing masks inside makes it harder to breathe for some people that have medical conditions.”

Penalties for not wearing masks on campus include being referred to student conduct, being restricted from campus spaces, and possibly being assigned an educational assignment. 

There is no way to tell when masks will no longer be required, but for now, the school is asking that students remain diligent in partaking in these protective protocols.