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OSU Police attain warrant for UT football player

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Edmon Low Library

Oklahoma State has fulfilled the Open Records request The O'Colly filed on Oct. 22.

A warrant has been issued with a $2,500 bond for Ishmael Ibraheem, Texas football defensive back, for violating Oklahoma's law against the nonconsensual spreading of private sexual images.

The victim, an Oklahoma State student, contacted OSU's Police Department on Sept. 1, according to the probable cause affidavit. The victim told Leslie Grotheer, an OSU police officer, she was sent a screenshot from Ibraheem of an Instagram direct message showing a TikTok video of them having consensual sex. 

The victim said she could not play the video, but from the screenshot she could identify herself. 

Although the victim was not aware she was being recorded, he later showed her the video. The victim said in the affidavit she was OK with him having recorded them, but told Ibraheem to not share it and was intended to be kept private. 

In the affidavit, the victim said Ibraheem told her the video was unsent in the message and the person who received the video never viewed it. 

Grotheer identified the receiver of the messages as an OSU student and football player, and reached out to him. When asked, the student pulled up the messages, including the video, showing they were sent from Ibraheem's Instagram, according to the affidavit. 

In the affidavit the video had a TikTok logo on it, which is the same as Ibraheem's Instagram username.

The player said in the affidavit he knew the victim and Ibraheem as the victim’s ex-boyfriend.

Ibraheem has been reportedly suspended from UT's football prgram.