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OSU launches new aviation app

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The aviation and aerospace STEM app provides educational content, activities and resources aimed at K-12 students, parents and educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. 

OSU launched its newest app: aviateOK. 

The app is an aviation and aerospace STEM app that provides many benefits. Some of these benefits are resources for K-12 students and activities, educational content, educators and parents in technology, science, mathematics and engineering fields.

This app helps educate students on the aviation industry and encourages students who are interested in aerospace.

The idea for the app came from Timm Bliss, the aviation and space program coordinator for graduate studies and a professor at the College of Education and Human Sciences, and IrenenMiller, the assistant professor of aviation at Southern Illinois University. 

Bliss and Miller said aviateOK will likely have an impact on the U.S. aviation and aerospace industry for educating students. 

“Introducing young people to aviation and aerospace is an investment in the future of the industry,” Bliss said. “AviateOK is designed to provide early exposure to STEM engagement and to inspire students of all ages to learn and explore more in the aviation/aerospace field.” 

The presidential strategy at OSU put a strong focus on the development or research of knowledge and tools like this app in aviation and aerospace. OSU’s vice president for research,  Kenneth Sewell, talked about what the impact will be.

“Being a land-grant university means making sure the work we do here at OSU is having a positive, real-world impact,” Sewell said. “Empowering our students and faculty to develop practical tools like the aviateOK app is just one of the many ways we are working to advance research, not just for the benefit of our students and institution, but for the public good.”

Similarly developed apps to aviateOK give valuable learning experiences to students and benefits the public as well. 

The manager of the OSU App Center, Jai Rajendran, said getting hands-on experience with developing applications is vital to be prepared to enter the workforce. 

Rajendran said students designed the entire app from user interface to user interaction. The students did this while collaborating with others to include the educational material. 

“At the App Center, the students interact with clients mimicking their future workplace,” Rajendran said. “Learning through working on a real-world, high-impact project is tremendously valuable for the students' early careers.”