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OSU hosts 2022 Special Olympic Games

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Special Olympics 2022

Oklahoma State hosted the 37th annual Special Olympic Games after two years of COVID-19 cancelations. 

Last week, people from around Oklahoma gathered at OSU to partake in the annual Special Olympic Games, where faculty and staff volunteered to put on the event. Participants competed in nine events ranging from track and field to bowling. 

More than 2,700 athletes competed for a chance to take home the gold. While the Special Olympics are generally an annual event, the COVID-19 pandemic halted the games in recent years. 

Though the games were postponed last year, this year they were in full effect for Olympic competitors to partake in for 2022. The purpose of these games is to give athletes with physical or intellectual disabilities a chance to compete in games that they otherwise could not. 

Oklahoma State staff and faculty helped members of the Special Olympic Games by volunteering and providing housing and resources for individuals coming to compete in the games. Sgt. Adam Queen of the OSU Police Department is one of the many volunteers who help put on the event. He talked to OSU staff about his experience with the Special Olympic Games. 

“I thoroughly enjoy doing it,” he said. “I fully expect to keep being in this position until they make me quit.”

Queen, along with many other individuals, said that the Special Olympics are something that they look forward to every year, and COVID-19 has not allowed them to host the games in the past couple years. 

The Special Olympic Games aim to bring awareness to athletes with physical and mental disabilities and hope to encourage acceptance of these individuals in the communities that they are from. 

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