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OSU health develops research institute for humans and animals

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There are new innovations in human and animal health, thanks to OSU’s College of Veterinary and Medicine.

The launch is called the Institute for Translational and Emerging Research in Advanced Competitive Therapy, also known as INTERACT. 

INTERACT will take the next steps in making new therapies. Dr. Carlos Risco, the dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine said that the thought couldn’t have been done without prior success.

“The idea for INTERACT came from our long successful history in conducting clinical trials in diseases that affect both small and large animals to develop or discover new therapies and diagnostics,” Risco said. 

OSU president Burns Hargis paid a visit to the launch of the research institute on Dec. 3 to find out what the institute would do in treating cancer tumors in humans and animals. 

Hargis said the institute would bring a lot of positives to the public. 

“It’s a fantastic revolution to not be invasive in treating these tumors,” Hargis said. “We’re moving toward One Health, where you’re dealing with animal, human and plant health. This is just another example that is completely transferable to human treatment. We’re really at the center of this, and it’s very exciting.” 

Dr. Kenneth Sewell, president of the OSU Research Foundation said that the diversity and background of people have to be on board now in this day in age with science. 

“INTERACT is a group of people who really understand that in this day and age, big science is team science,” Sewell said. “It has to bring people together from different disciplines and from different parts of the research community to solve the big problems, and that’s what I see this group doing.”