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OSU Greek life kicks off Freshman Follies show

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One of the biggest events in the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs at OSU is Freshman Follies. A show competition involving all of the houses on campus who present a musical piece with singing, dancing and acting on a stage for eight minutes. 

The competition is a large philanthropy event for Greek life as all proceeds go towards the charity highlighted in that given year. Tuesday was the official kickoff for Follies and all directors and cast members got to go and show their support. 

Wes Watkins was home to over 400 people starting off the Follies season with a bang at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Videos from directors, last year’s Follies promo and talk about fundraising and the philanthropy were the highlights of the evening. 

The Follies kickoff and the director’s retreat on Sunday were large events that helped the Greek and Stillwater communities get excited for the upcoming Follies and homecoming season. Freshman Follies is one of the first big events new members are involved in during homecoming season and because of it, the atmosphere on campus is filled with energy. 

Steering, the committee that oversees all show productions and makes sure Follies runs smoothly, held a director’s retreat Sunday that helped train directors for the upcoming show season and equipped them with the leadership skills needed to make and produce an eight minute show. 

Margaret Patterson, a Freshman Follies Steering member, spoke with The O’Colly about the importance of Follies to Oklahoma State. 

“I think people get involved with Follies because it is a great opportunity to meet new people,” Patterson said. “It’s a way to celebrate others and encourage each other while navigating college. People remember follies for all of college. Chapter members, cast members and steering members alike remember follies for what it gave them. It gave them a community and a place to be themselves in college. Oklahoma State students all have a hand in making OSU what it is, and I think Follies is a large part of that during the homecoming season.”

According to several steering members, Follies is a talented and difficult event to put together, so it is so fun to watch it all when it’s done. Singing, dancing and acting all while painting a full story in eight minutes is hard, but these freshman and directors do a fantastic job. The kickoff is just the beginning to the next several weeks of show season and all the casts are excited after experiencing the kickoff to get started. 

Show week is October 11-15 and tickets will go on sale soon. Keep on the lookout for them and go witness a longtime OSU tradition for yourself. For more information regarding Freshman Follies, please visit