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OSU goes global : Meet the newest exchange students

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Unlike the previous semester, Oklahoma State accepted more exchange students to explore its campus this fall. 

Welcomed by Iba Hall’s living learning program, "The Global Scholars,” this plan helps support and settle students in. Not only do international and national exchange students reap from the program’s benefit, but also the students who call Stillwater home.

Students reflect and learn about their differences while also celebrating and learning from them. If you see some of these familiar faces around campus, make sure to say hello, bonjour or even Hola. 

Meet Victor Garçonnot from Limoges, France.

“Even if French and American culture are completely different, it has been really easy to switch thanks to Judy Parott and all the study abroad team,” Garçonnot said. “I already feel at home here at OSU.”

OSU graduate student, Emilio Ramirez from Puebla, Mexico.

“Transition into the USA and OSU has been really smooth, everyone is nice and welcoming,” Ramirez said.“Of course, I miss my home but I have made really good friends here. They remind me of the bright and exciting side of being an exchange student.. You get to know new people everyday who have a different perspective of the world and that makes you improve as a person.”

Ramirez Emilio said this is not his first time in the United States.

“I was a part of the Disney Exchange program back in 2018,” Ramirez said. “My very first contact with people from other countries. That opened my eyes and now my comfort zone has changed drastically.”

Luke Sugden from Hertfordshire, England.

“I am studying sports business management with an entrepreneurial focus in hopes to achieve my career goal of supporting competitive athletes in marketing their brands online,” Sugden said. “So far, the transition to the USA has been a lot of fun, but I’m sure as the days go on, the homesickness will settle in. The people of OSU and Stillwater are incredibly welcoming, however, which will help me settle into my new home and continue enjoying every second.”

Eszter Kasi from Budapest, Hungary.

“During this summer I could not really believe that I would come to the US until the very last moment when I boarded my flight,” Kasi said. “It was a bit scary, but super exciting at once. Since I arrived  I have met so many nice people and I am very grateful for it. Everybody is so welcoming and kind it feels unreal.

 Classes are quite different from the ones I had in Hungary or in France, but in a good way. They are much more interactive, and everybody is participating. I think I'll enjoy it. The campus is just amazing, with all the possibilities we have here to do sports, have fun, eat out, etc. Of course I will miss my city, friends and family, but all the fun and the new experiences that I will have during my time at OSU will definitely compensate for it. I have a good feeling about this year.”