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OSU Global rebrands name for bigger impact

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School of Global studies

Two OSU students earned a grant for the prestigious Fulbright scholars' program in the 2021-22 academic year. 

OSU Global is the new name and brand identity for the School of Global Studies and Partnerships. 

The name change is a combination of strategy and inclusivity. It aims to increase OSU’s international engagement. The rebrand will create awareness and clearly identify the magnitude and responsibilities of the department and appeal to both domestic and international audiences. 

“This new brand, OSU Global, will enable us to better serve our university and external partners,” Dean Randy Kluver said. “A simplified, broad name will bring a greater awareness of the impact the university has on global engagement. As we position the university to be a preeminent land-grant university, this will help us to build a broader set of international partnerships to facilitate our service to the state and the world.”

The change will create awareness that the administration offices serve not only the specific needs of OSU Global but also the entire university. It will also shed light on the fact that the offices deal with the representation of the university to external constituencies. The new name showcases the department to reflect national norms and puts OSU as a devoted leader in international engagement with a focus on large-scale global interaction. 

Since its creation in the early 1950s, international offices have held many names. In the beginning, the unit was called the Office of International Programs. In 1997, it shifted to the International and Economic Development department. Just two years later, the name was changed to the International Education and Outreach office. In 2017, the department went under another rebranding to what we have known in recent years as the School of Global Studies and Partnerships and added the International Students and Scholars office. Just six years later it has been changed again to the shortest of the titles. 

OSU Global is still the administrative office that oversees a variety of international and travel programs at OSU, including the Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development, International Students and Scholars, the Center for Global Learning, the English Language and Intercultural Center and the School of Global Studies.

The dean’s office will remain responsible for globally focused functions across OSU, such as international partnerships, promotion of the Fulbright and other internationally focused scholarship programs, delegation and regulation of university-wide external branding efforts, the Mexico Liaison Office and other communications. 

OSU Global will continue to house the academic department — the School of Global Studies. The school includes an M.S. in global studies, two graduate certificate programs, the Iranian and Persian Gulf studies program, the global briefing series and administration of the interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in international studies.

For more information regarding the new branding of OSU Global, please visit their website.